Steph Zlott Fine Furniture & Cabinetry
artisan-crafted WoodWork & Design


“Steph has created a couple of unique pieces for us. Most recently we asked him to surprise us with a simple yet interesting small table to be mounted in the entry way of our San Francisco high rise condo. We didn’t expect to be so blown away with what otherwise might have just been a table. Instead, this table became an additional piece of art in our home that is a constant source of compliments and conversations.

It is unique to find someone who has real passion and pride in his work. Add to this an artist’s eye and master craftsman ability and you really have something special. We have found that in Steph Zlott.”

We will definitely be hiring Steph for additional work in the future!

Thanks Steph!!”

Steve S.,

San Francisco, CA


“Every once in a while, we may be lucky enough to meet someone who offers us a new light in which we can see the things around us.  That's been my experience with Steph's woodworking. His one of a kind furniture pieces are imaginative and beautifully crafted.  His cabinetry is precise and exquisitely designed. The nature of wood comes to life in his work.  It is absolutely delightful to have his work in our home.”

Nance W.,

Oakland, CA


 “The cabinet Steph built is exactly what I was hoping for. He did the work on time, on budget and it looks great in my new bathroom.”

Michael L.,

San Francisco


"I brought  a design concept to Steph based on the specific angles and shape of my bedroom. We worked out the materials together, then he added his artistic touch and master craftsmanship. The end result is a beautiful built-in headboard, perfectly suited to the room, and a matching display case that holds a large collection (with a little room to grow). Happily, I'm now planning to add a matching display shelf for a cherished sculpture."




“Steph, Both the experience and the result of working with you were the best!  You listened patiently, delivered on your word promptly and created a beautiful bathroom that we really enjoy.  I had dreaded living through what was to be my first re-model.  Now I just look forward to our next project.  Thank you!”


San Francisco


“It has been years since we have spoken but, as you hopefully remember, you did a fabulous custom wall unit for our Pleasanton home (in the late 90's, I think). We just recently upgraded our home theatre equipment and had the chance to admire your craftsmanship and handiwork all over again. (The home theatre installers were very impressed...) Scott and I just wanted to let you know that we admire and enjoy your beautiful work every day in our home.”


Charlotte S. and Scott F.,

Pleasanton, CA